Bikini Body Recipes: Yogurt Parfait

Look, the global pandemic may have curtailed your beach-going season but that doesn’t mean your summer bod needs to go the way of a hibernating grizzly bear. No, a vaccine will be found and everyone’s gonna want to be swimsuit ready for when we’re all allowed back outside. 

To keep your figure fit and runway-ready, we’ve compiled a handful of Bikini Body recipes to ensure when you slip on that A’QUA Swim bikini, you make the statement you want and drop jaws. To kick it off, here’s our perfect Bikini Body Yogurt Parfait.

What You’ll Need

1 ½ cup of good great yogurt, preferably non-flavored or vanilla

½ cup Raspberries

¾ cup Blueberries

2tbs organic strawberry preserves

3-4 Low-fat Honey Maid Graham Crackers

A tsp of dark brown sugar

How to Make Your Bikini Body Yogurt Parfait

  1. Wash your fresh fruit. Set aside.
  2. Crush graham crackers.
  3. Add brown sugar to graham crackers and mix. Set aside.
  4. Get a large, tall drinking glass. 
  5. Add a small layer, 1-3 tbs of yogurt.
  6. Add a layer of raspberries.
  7. Add a layer of graham mixture.
  8. Repeat adding small layers of fresh fruit, yogurt, and graham crackers until you nearly reach the top of the glass. 
  9. Add layer of strawberry preserves at the top for a splash of sweetness. 

You can swap out the fresh fruit and preserves for your preferred fruit as parfaits work with a multitude of fruits!