Custom Kinis

How to order a custom A’QUA Bikini:

      1. * Pick any top and bottom style you desire. You can choose from any collection on Seasons 2014-2019 OR if you have photos of a particular style you have found online please email me and I can custom make that suit for you!
      2. * Choose a print or solid swimwear fabric below. I receive new fabric shipments frequently so if there is a certain color or print you desire please email me and I can most likely custom order it for you or I may have it stocked! I also have newer prints under my New Kinis Collection.
      3. * Choose your sizing and bottom fit desired. Click here for size chart
      4. * Email
      5. Please attach photos of top & bottom style you would like, print and/or solid fabric desired, sizing, bottom fit (see size chart and fit guide here), and if you would like removable padding in the top. Custom orders vary in price depending on style chosen. Sets range between $75-130 with approximately 7-14 days to make and ship out. Separates can be ordered as well! I will send you a quote & custom invoice once the design details are confirmed.
      6. * Happy designing your one-of-a-kind kini!
      8. Laces | Sequins | Mermaid Prints | Metallics | Misc Prints -Email to order other custom colors or prints
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